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" We truly appreciate your setting up the individual photo shoot backstage - they are magnificent! " - T.B. 03/31/2014

" Thank you for posting your pictures on Facebook. I love seeing them. They are fantastic. " - W.S. 03/27/2014

" Thanks, Peter. They are gorgeous! " - Ch. D. corporate client 3/27/2014

" Thanks Peter! A very nice photo!! " - A.B. Charlotte Symphony musician 03/24/2014

" Your work is fantastic! " - M. S. 11/23/2013

" I can't thank you enough for the instruction this morning. I truly learned more today than in some entire courses I have taken in teh past. I'm all set to go with the lighting equipment up, thanks to you " - J.C. 11/21/2013

" The photo trip to Linville last Sunday was such a great day and I learned a lot. Thank you! " - C. Sch. 10/18/2013

" I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. It was so nice to be with a teacher who really understands what photography is all about. Getting the image correct when you take it. Many things you said we're profound and I will remember it always. " - M.M. 10/15/2013

" Thanks again for these 6 amazing weeks! I am really happy I did it " - H.B. 10/14/2013

" Thanks again for a wonderful class. " - M.M. 10/14/2013

" You have a real talent as a photographer and instructor. " - B. Sch. 10/11/2013

" I really enjoyed your class this summer. You are an excellent teacher and I hope that you are planning to continue classes in the future.  " - C. Sch. 10/08/2013

" ...we go to press tomorrow with the Annual Report. R. was very happy with the photos and everyone in the review process just loves them. Really wonderful workl. " - L-A. B. communications manager 09/25/2013

" Thank you for your wonderful work, Peter!! " - T. L. 03/10/2013 Company dancer

" Thank you so much for my photographs!!!! I love them!!!!! The 11x14 is beautiful! I can't wait to frame and hang it. You just captured a moment in time, incredible.
You have a real gift and I am so grateful that you share your talent with NCDT! All the photos were fantastic, and that makes it difficult to choose!!!!! :-) Sincerely," - G.M. 3/04/2013

" It was very difficult to choose between all the beautiful Nutcracker photographs that you took! " - N.A. 01/31/2013

" Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to seeing the prints. Your work is beautiful, as always! " - S.G. 01/30/2013

" I love this photo of me. I think it's the best dance photo of myself that anyone has taken. " - N.C. - Company dancer 1/23/2013

" These pictures are AMAZING! I love them and are exactly what I had envisioned. " - M. Z. 01/13/2013

" thanks so much for all the amazing work! I am really excited to see these beautiful photos! " - A.K. 12/29/2012

" Thanks again for working with S. and for taking such wonderful photographs. " - S.F. 12/18/2012

" These are beautiful photos! Thank you for making my angel look angelic! " - M.M. online order 12/17/2012

" Thanks – and thank you for all you do! " - M.C. 12/13/2012

" Thanks Peter, The images are wonderful. I like your work. " - D.C. Choreographer 08/07/2012

" We've been anxiously awaiting your photographs from the NCDT Summer Intensive Performance. It did not disappoint. I have one photo already in my shopping cart, I want to put a gorgeous photo on a cake and have been waiting for the intensive pics to see if there was a special one: that photo, the one in my cart is IT! Thanks, great photographs! " - J.K. 08/03/2012

" Your pictures of the Spring Performances are outstanding. " - M.C. 06/15/2012

" Great job with the photos - thanks so much!! " - A.K. 06/15/2012

" Hi, I was just wondering when you anticipate this gallery becoming unrestricted? I don't need the access code-just wondering so I don't keep checking every couple minutes-very excited to see them! " - A.Ch. 05/22/2012

" Hi Peter, I got the gorgeous photos!! OMg the large one is absolutely beautiful Thank you so much " - M.B. 05/20/2012

" Your work is always impressive!" - M.Sch. 05/09/2012

" I love your work " - M.M. 04/12/2012

" Thank you. Your photos are lovely! " - S.G. 1/31/2012

" Thank you so much for doing the studio shoot backstage for K.’s Nutcracker package. Those are super! It was hard to pick and choose – there are so many great photos! (We are also ordering additional photos and copies online.) Thank you! " - T.B. 1/30/2012

" I was looking for a photography class in Charlotte and came across the light factory. I LOVED your pictures, and your pictures encompass the style and skills I would like to learn. " - C. W. 1/12/2012

" I've seen some of your work before and it's just beautiful! " - S.G. 12/07/2011

" Hello Peter! I picked up my photos from the front desk the other day. Thank you so much for bringing them by. I absolutely love them! Thank you also for the bonus prints. You are very thoughtful and kind to have made them. " - J.D. 12/06/2011

A student's feedback from my photography class: " I am enjoying the class tremendously and my wife says i come home in the best mood the nights of class "

" I miss having a really good photographer at my daughter's new company. " - E.B. 11/27/2011

" Your work is very beautiful, and I'm thinking of which print to get. We are really enjoying and learning a lot in your class. You are a great photographer and teacher. " - M.S. 11/23/2011

" Thank you Peter … the photo package was really good and we are very pleased… " - B.C. 10/09/2011

" You took a phenomenal picture of our son Julian during the NCDT summer intensive and we would like to ask you about getting a larger print than we have now " - C.D. 09/23/2011

" Thanks for taking the amazing shots!  " - M.C. 08/29/2011

" I always look forward to seeing your stunning photography after a show. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with the company. " - K. W. - Company dancer 06/13/2011

" Thanks for your assistance and beautiful photos " - J.O. 6/10/2011

" Wow--what great photos--you are very talented!!! Very difficult decision to make in choosing! " - R.Sch. 05/17/2011

" Thank you! I LOVE your work! Sincerely, C " - 05/10/2011

" your photos are so valuable! " - B. F. 4/02/2011

" The photos are lovely and it’s so hard not to choose more. Thanks for all you do for us. " T. B. 3/31/2011

" I also want to thank you for the wonderful photographs that you take at all the NCDT functions. I am delighted with all the photos that I have purchased and look forward to getting more! You have a true gift for capturing a moment. I appreciate your talent and am so glad that you share it with all of us! " - G.M. 02/20/2011

" You got some exceptional photos of Clara, and I love the behind the scenes photo. Thank you so much. " - M.M. 01/21/2011

" All your pictures are fantastic! " - G.M. 01/01/2011

" Yes I did get them! Thank you for checking! They are super! I’ve got family visiting. We were enjoying the photos on your website this evening. Thanks for all you do! " - T.B. 12/29/2010

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" Thank you - your photos are beautiful! We are really looking forward to the Nutcracker. I also wanted to thank you for the extra photo you included with my last order. It was very thoughtful of you and such a nice surprise! " - J.G. 12/08/2010

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" Thank you Peter, that will be perfect. I appreciate all of your help. I can't wait to see these pics!! " - J.E. 07/22/2010

" Thank you so very much! It truly was the best shoot I’ve experienced. I Love Them!!! Thanks so very much.
I am thrilled!" - C.D. 04/23/2010 about portrait photoshoot

" Just wanted you to know how much I loved the recent photos I bought! My favorite was the 8X10 image. I would like to order an 11X14 of that one. I really appreciate all you do. Thanks. " G. M. 03/13/2010

" OMGosh !! I am still looking at them..... they are fantastic!!! Give me a couple of days to order i love them All!!!! As soon as I get back i would be placing my order, I can not thank -you enough " M.B. 03/12/2010

" Thank you so much for making up the print for me. I picked it up from the studios the other day and it is exactly what I wanted! I really appreciate all your work!" - C.B. 02/12/2010

" I loved your Nutcracker photos! I appreciate your talent and thank you for capturing all the beautiful moments on film!" G.M. 01/23/2010

" Thanks so much - so many of your photos this year are spectacular. Great work! " A.K. 12/21/2009

" You have taken some wonderful photos of my daughter " - D.S. 12/18/2009

" Thank you so much for all of the gorgeous photos! Again, thank you so much for your services. You have a gift with a camera. " - E.D. 12/13/2009

" THANK-YOU THANK- YOU FOR the pictures, especially the 8x10 that you picked out. Thanks again for your extra work you did for me. Fondly, B. B. " - 10/10/2009

" I ordered photos this summer and loved them! I cherish the pictures I purchased from you and know I'll be buying more! - G.M. 09/23/2009

" I received the photos and they are wonderful! Thank you! PS…The artist thought your photography was incredible!" - L.C. 09/02/2009

" I have the photos and they are GREAT! I'm so glad we hired you. Thank you for wonderful and memorable pictures of our special day!" - T.M. 08/28/2009

" Thank you so much for taking such marvelous pictures! I love them all. Sincerely" - G.M. 06/27/2009

" Peter - amazing collection of photos! I am having a very hard time deciding which to purchase!" - A.K. 06/11/2009

" I did got your website beautiful work. I think folks will appreciate your nature work." - Charles T. Director at The Light Factory 05/28/2009

" Thanks Peter - these are beautiful as usual!!" - A.K. 05/26/2009

" I love your work. John www.johnkurc.com or www.mawmaw.com" - 05/16/2009

" Peter, thanks again! I picked up the pictures and they are great." - V.M. 05.11.2009

" Thank you, Peter. Great service." - V.M. 05.07.2009

" Thanks. The pictures look great." - T.H. 03.17.2009

" Thanks! Got it, through a hand-off by our daughters, but can’t look at it until tomorrow because it’s the kids b-day gift to me! She said the photos look beautiful!" - L.D. 03.15.2009

" Your work is fabulous and you have created a beautiful piece of art of my daughter. " - V.E. 03/01/2009

" thank you very much. we certainly would recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer :) " - A.K. 02/09/2009

" I HAVE looked at Nutcracker - I want so many!!! Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of her! My mother loved the photos that you did for me of all the different shows. She is doing a scrapbook of Dance!! " - Ch.M. 01/06/2009

" The nutcracker pictures are beautiful. " - L.B. 12/17/2008

" Thank you for making these beautiful photographs available for purchase! " - J.G. 12/17/2008

" All the photos are great!!! Thanks! " - A. K. 12/15/2008

" My daughter is at NC Dance theatre and I have been loading up my cart with some of you beautiful photos of her." - L.B. 11/18/2008

" Thank you! You do beautiful work! " - M. F. 10/15/2008

" That photo you did of Sarah that is a double is AWESOME!! " - Anna W. 10/14/2008

" Hi Peter, I received the photos and I am very pleased with the order. Thank-you very much. I hope that there will be more later. Thanks again " - Barbara B. 10/01/2008

" Fantastic job on the photographs of the performance! " - Matt F. 09/24/2008

" Once again, you did a fabulous job with the photos. " - Amy N. 09/22/2008

" You do great work! " - Julie M. 08/03/2008

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