" “Mr. Zay is an amazing photographer. His keenly trained eye and talent can transform any image into a true work of art.” " - A.N. 10/01/2014

" We love your photography! " - N.A. 09/25/2014

" I picked up the photos today! They are gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you again in the future. " - R.T. - 08/20/2014 teacher, choreographer

" I am looking at the Spring Festival photos on your blog and love so many of them. You captured some amazing shots of Elisabeth Pischel from my piece. Thanks so much for such great work! I selected three photos from the Spring Festival Dance concert for now. I am exicted that they will go into my written thesis as documentation of my choreography. " - R. T. - 08/07/2014 teacher, choreographer

" Thank you, Peter! The photos are beautiful, as always! " - S.G. 07/18/2014

" These are all so beautiful.  Thank you for sharing your talent with CBA. Can't wait to have the photos in hand... " - E.M. 07/13/2014

" The photos look great! We really appreciate how you and Mr. Sarkis collaborated to capture some great end of the year pictures of Katie doing poses and movements showing what she learned and accomplished this year in class. We look forward to collecting these snapshots of her as she progresses through her training. Best, T " - 06/04/2014 T. B.

" your pictures of J. from this past weekend are beautiful….the lighting are colors are amazing!! " - J. U. 06/04/2014

" Great work. We are so pleased with the photos. " - M.S. 05/19/2014

" "Hi Peter! I wanted to thank you so much for the private sessions. I learned so much more from these than the group sessions. It has been such a pleasure working with you." " - W.S. 05/06/2014

" Your photos of the ballet are wonderful. Thank you so much, Peter! The photos are wonderful, and I'm very grateful to you for sharing them with me. " - Arun Luthra, artist, musucian. 04/26/2014

" "Thank you Christopher Record and Peter Zay for capturing some beautiful memories for us this weekend. Dancing Jiří Kylián's "Forgotten Land" was a dream come true." " - 04/27/2014 J. C. Charlotte Ballet Company dancer

" They just arrived and are BEAUTFIUL! Thank you so much. I will definitely be using you again in the future and recommending you to everyone!! " - Ch. D. 04/01/2014 corporate client

" We truly appreciate your setting up the individual photo shoot backstage - they are magnificent! " - T.B. 03/31/2014

" Thank you for posting your pictures on Facebook. I love seeing them. They are fantastic. " - W.S. 03/27/2014

" Thanks, Peter. They are gorgeous! " - Ch. D. corporate client 3/27/2014

" Thanks Peter! A very nice photo!! " - A.B. Charlotte Symphony musician 03/24/2014

" Your work is fantastic! " - M. S. 11/23/2013

" I can't thank you enough for the instruction this morning. I truly learned more today than in some entire courses I have taken in teh past. I'm all set to go with the lighting equipment up, thanks to you " - J.C. 11/21/2013

" The photo trip to Linville last Sunday was such a great day and I learned a lot. Thank you! " - C. Sch. 10/18/2013

" I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. It was so nice to be with a teacher who really understands what photography is all about. Getting the image correct when you take it. Many things you said we're profound and I will remember it always. " - M.M. 10/15/2013

" Thanks again for these 6 amazing weeks! I am really happy I did it " - H.B. 10/14/2013

" Thanks again for a wonderful class. " - M.M. 10/14/2013

" You have a real talent as a photographer and instructor. " - B. Sch. 10/11/2013

" I really enjoyed your class this summer. You are an excellent teacher and I hope that you are planning to continue classes in the future.  " - C. Sch. 10/08/2013

" ...we go to press tomorrow with the Annual Report. R. was very happy with the photos and everyone in the review process just loves them. Really wonderful workl. " - L-A. B. communications manager 09/25/2013

" Thank you for your wonderful work, Peter!! " - T. L. 03/10/2013 Company dancer

" Thank you so much for my photographs!!!! I love them!!!!! The 11x14 is beautiful! I can't wait to frame and hang it. You just captured a moment in time, incredible.
You have a real gift and I am so grateful that you share your talent with NCDT! All the photos were fantastic, and that makes it difficult to choose!!!!! :-) Sincerely," - G.M. 3/04/2013

" It was very difficult to choose between all the beautiful Nutcracker photographs that you took! " - N.A. 01/31/2013

" Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to seeing the prints. Your work is beautiful, as always! " - S.G. 01/30/2013

" I love this photo of me. I think it's the best dance photo of myself that anyone has taken. " - N.C. - Company dancer 1/23/2013

" These pictures are AMAZING! I love them and are exactly what I had envisioned. " - M. Z. 01/13/2013

" thanks so much for all the amazing work! I am really excited to see these beautiful photos! " - A.K. 12/29/2012

" Thanks again for working with S. and for taking such wonderful photographs. " - S.F. 12/18/2012

" These are beautiful photos! Thank you for making my angel look angelic! " - M.M. online order 12/17/2012

" Thanks – and thank you for all you do! " - M.C. 12/13/2012

" Thanks Peter, The images are wonderful. I like your work. " - D.C. Choreographer 08/07/2012

" We've been anxiously awaiting your photographs from the NCDT Summer Intensive Performance. It did not disappoint. I have one photo already in my shopping cart, I want to put a gorgeous photo on a cake and have been waiting for the intensive pics to see if there was a special one: that photo, the one in my cart is IT! Thanks, great photographs! " - J.K. 08/03/2012

" Your pictures of the Spring Performances are outstanding. " - M.C. 06/15/2012

" Great job with the photos - thanks so much!! " - A.K. 06/15/2012

" Hi, I was just wondering when you anticipate this gallery becoming unrestricted? I don't need the access code-just wondering so I don't keep checking every couple minutes-very excited to see them! " - A.Ch. 05/22/2012

" Hi Peter, I got the gorgeous photos!! OMg the large one is absolutely beautiful Thank you so much " - M.B. 05/20/2012

" Your work is always impressive!" - M.Sch. 05/09/2012

" I love your work " - M.M. 04/12/2012

" Thank you. Your photos are lovely! " - S.G. 1/31/2012

" Thank you so much for doing the studio shoot backstage for K.’s Nutcracker package. Those are super! It was hard to pick and choose – there are so many great photos! (We are also ordering additional photos and copies online.) Thank you! " - T.B. 1/30/2012

" I was looking for a photography class in Charlotte and came across the light factory. I LOVED your pictures, and your pictures encompass the style and skills I would like to learn. " - C. W. 1/12/2012

" I've seen some of your work before and it's just beautiful! " - S.G. 12/07/2011

" Hello Peter! I picked up my photos from the front desk the other day. Thank you so much for bringing them by. I absolutely love them! Thank you also for the bonus prints. You are very thoughtful and kind to have made them. " - J.D. 12/06/2011

A student's feedback from my photography class: " I am enjoying the class tremendously and my wife says i come home in the best mood the nights of class "

" I miss having a really good photographer at my daughter's new company. " - E.B. 11/27/2011

" Your work is very beautiful, and I'm thinking of which print to get. We are really enjoying and learning a lot in your class. You are a great photographer and teacher. " - M.S. 11/23/2011

" Thank you Peter … the photo package was really good and we are very pleased… " - B.C. 10/09/2011

" You took a phenomenal picture of our son Julian during the NCDT summer intensive and we would like to ask you about getting a larger print than we have now " - C.D. 09/23/2011

" Thanks for taking the amazing shots!  " - M.C. 08/29/2011

" I always look forward to seeing your stunning photography after a show. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with the company. " - K. W. - Company dancer 06/13/2011

" Thanks for your assistance and beautiful photos " - J.O. 6/10/2011

" Wow--what great photos--you are very talented!!! Very difficult decision to make in choosing! " - R.Sch. 05/17/2011

" Thank you! I LOVE your work! Sincerely, C " - 05/10/2011

" your photos are so valuable! " - B. F. 4/02/2011

" The photos are lovely and it’s so hard not to choose more. Thanks for all you do for us. " T. B. 3/31/2011

" I also want to thank you for the wonderful photographs that you take at all the NCDT functions. I am delighted with all the photos that I have purchased and look forward to getting more! You have a true gift for capturing a moment. I appreciate your talent and am so glad that you share it with all of us! " - G.M. 02/20/2011

" You got some exceptional photos of Clara, and I love the behind the scenes photo. Thank you so much. " - M.M. 01/21/2011

" All your pictures are fantastic! " - G.M. 01/01/2011

" Yes I did get them! Thank you for checking! They are super! I’ve got family visiting. We were enjoying the photos on your website this evening. Thanks for all you do! " - T.B. 12/29/2010

" Thanks Peter, The shots are great. I am a freelance sports photographer, I really enjoy your work. " - M.I. 12/08.2010

" Thank you - your photos are beautiful! We are really looking forward to the Nutcracker. I also wanted to thank you for the extra photo you included with my last order. It was very thoughtful of you and such a nice surprise! " - J.G. 12/08/2010

" your photos are beautiful! " L.R. 09/12/2010

" These photos are great as always!!! " - A.K. 08/20/2010

" The pictures are beautiful and I wish to purchase several. " - P.N. 08/03/2010

" I want to order so many! Great shots! " - N.R. 08/01/2010

" Thank you Peter, that will be perfect. I appreciate all of your help. I can't wait to see these pics!! " - J.E. 07/22/2010

" Thank you so very much! It truly was the best shoot I’ve experienced. I Love Them!!! Thanks so very much.
I am thrilled!" - C.D. 04/23/2010 about portrait photoshoot

" Just wanted you to know how much I loved the recent photos I bought! My favorite was the 8X10 image. I would like to order an 11X14 of that one. I really appreciate all you do. Thanks. " G. M. 03/13/2010

" OMGosh !! I am still looking at them..... they are fantastic!!! Give me a couple of days to order i love them All!!!! As soon as I get back i would be placing my order, I can not thank -you enough " M.B. 03/12/2010

" Thank you so much for making up the print for me. I picked it up from the studios the other day and it is exactly what I wanted! I really appreciate all your work!" - C.B. 02/12/2010

" I loved your Nutcracker photos! I appreciate your talent and thank you for capturing all the beautiful moments on film!" G.M. 01/23/2010

" Thanks so much - so many of your photos this year are spectacular. Great work! " A.K. 12/21/2009

" You have taken some wonderful photos of my daughter " - D.S. 12/18/2009

" Thank you so much for all of the gorgeous photos! Again, thank you so much for your services. You have a gift with a camera. " - E.D. 12/13/2009

" THANK-YOU THANK- YOU FOR the pictures, especially the 8x10 that you picked out. Thanks again for your extra work you did for me. Fondly, B. B. " - 10/10/2009

" I ordered photos this summer and loved them! I cherish the pictures I purchased from you and know I'll be buying more! - G.M. 09/23/2009

" I received the photos and they are wonderful! Thank you! PS…The artist thought your photography was incredible!" - L.C. 09/02/2009

" I have the photos and they are GREAT! I'm so glad we hired you. Thank you for wonderful and memorable pictures of our special day!" - T.M. 08/28/2009

" Thank you so much for taking such marvelous pictures! I love them all. Sincerely" - G.M. 06/27/2009

" Peter - amazing collection of photos! I am having a very hard time deciding which to purchase!" - A.K. 06/11/2009

" I did got your website beautiful work. I think folks will appreciate your nature work." - Charles T. Director at The Light Factory 05/28/2009

" Thanks Peter - these are beautiful as usual!!" - A.K. 05/26/2009

" I love your work. John www.johnkurc.com or www.mawmaw.com" - 05/16/2009

" Peter, thanks again! I picked up the pictures and they are great." - V.M. 05.11.2009

" Thank you, Peter. Great service." - V.M. 05.07.2009

" Thanks. The pictures look great." - T.H. 03.17.2009

" Thanks! Got it, through a hand-off by our daughters, but can’t look at it until tomorrow because it’s the kids b-day gift to me! She said the photos look beautiful!" - L.D. 03.15.2009

" Your work is fabulous and you have created a beautiful piece of art of my daughter. " - V.E. 03/01/2009

" thank you very much. we certainly would recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer :) " - A.K. 02/09/2009

" I HAVE looked at Nutcracker - I want so many!!! Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of her! My mother loved the photos that you did for me of all the different shows. She is doing a scrapbook of Dance!! " - Ch.M. 01/06/2009

" The nutcracker pictures are beautiful. " - L.B. 12/17/2008

" Thank you for making these beautiful photographs available for purchase! " - J.G. 12/17/2008

" All the photos are great!!! Thanks! " - A. K. 12/15/2008

" My daughter is at NC Dance theatre and I have been loading up my cart with some of you beautiful photos of her." - L.B. 11/18/2008

" Thank you! You do beautiful work! " - M. F. 10/15/2008

" That photo you did of Sarah that is a double is AWESOME!! " - Anna W. 10/14/2008

" Hi Peter, I received the photos and I am very pleased with the order. Thank-you very much. I hope that there will be more later. Thanks again " - Barbara B. 10/01/2008

" Fantastic job on the photographs of the performance! " - Matt F. 09/24/2008

" Once again, you did a fabulous job with the photos. " - Amy N. 09/22/2008

" You do great work! " - Julie M. 08/03/2008

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